What Does it Take to Send MUOS-1 to Orbit? « AmericaSpace

The U.S. Navy is hoping that all will go according to plan and at 5:46 p.m. EST these MUOS-1 satellite will be sent to orbit to begin its mission. What are some of the things that has to happen before the "big day" arrives"? Photo Credit: Jeffrey J. Soulliere

So you got a spacecraft that you want to send to orbit and it weighs around seven tons. How do you get that much mass off the ground and thundering through the stratosphere at 17, 500 miles-per-hour? What does it take to accomplish all this? It terms of the U.S. Navy’s Multiple-User Objective System-1 (MUOS-1) satellite it takes several proven systems – one of which is celebrating a significant milestone of accomplishment. 

MUOS-1 was built by Lockheed Martin is set to launch atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V 551 rocket. This next-generation satellite will serve to improve ground communications systems for the U.S. military. What all is required to take this massive satellite and place it in geosynchronous orbit?  

Credit: Americaspace, complete article [ Here ]

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