NASA publishes Soviet space star engineers memoirs — RT


NASA has published the final volume in the memoirs of renowned Soviet rocket engineer, Boris Chertok.

The four-volume book, called “Rockets and People,” is now freely available on NASA’s website. It is dedicated to the history of the Soviet space industry.

For thirty years, Chertok designed control systems for spacecraft that are still used today.

He had been working on the English version of the book for ten years, up until his death last December.

Chertok was one of the men who helped make space accessible, and is a legend of Soviet and Russian space science. Born into an age of wooden and canvas airplanes, he found himself at the forefront of early space exploration.

At 99, Chertok still worked, drove his car and gave lectures.

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 Download Volume IV [ HERE ] EPUB | MOBI | PDF

Download Volume III [ HERE ]

Download Volume II [ HERE ]

Download Volume I [ HERE ]

 Credit: RT Full Article Link [ HERE ]

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