Russian Space Agency to report on recent failures on Thursday

MOSCOW, December 27 (Itar-Tass) —— Russian newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin wants to hear a report from the Russian Space Agency on the causes of recent failure on Thursday, December 29.

“On Thursday, I expect a report from top officials from the Russian Space Agency on recent failures,” he said in his Twitter microblog.

On Monday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin empowered Rogozin to be in charge of Russia’s space sector, where, according to Putin, “there is a certain negative potential.”

“The last accident, and the entire train of such accident speak for themselves,” the prime minister stressed. “It is necessary to look deep into the problems, to study them in detail and to word proposals.”

According to the head of government, after military acceptance inspection was cancelled many things have changed for the worse. “It does not mean we must get back to the former regulation instruments but its is absolutely obvious that the existing instruments are not enough,” he added.

In the recent months, the Russian Space Agency has been living though a period of failures, such as an abortive launch of the Meridian satellite and the loss of the Phobos-Grunt interplanetary research vehicle.


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