The work of the emergency committee to launch THC “Progress M-12M”

:: 08/29/2011
   Russian Space Agency and the leadership of enterprises aerospace industry deals with the transfer at a later date landing of manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-21” from September 8, 2011 and start of manned spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-22”, scheduled earlier on September 22, as well as continuation of service the International Space Station (ISS).

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At the same time an emergency committee to launch the transport of cargo spacecraft “Progress M-12M” under the supervision of the Director of the State Scientific Center, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Research Center named after MV Keldysh,” Academician AS Koroteev continues.

   Members of the commission to establish the cause of abnormal motor system (PS) III-th stage, which is in violation of conditions of the gas generator control.
   Following the conclusions of the emergency commission and the approval of the list of activities necessary for further operations on the ISS, this information will be shared with international partners (NASA) to coordinate joint actions.
   Specific dates and start planting will be approved with the final results of the emergency committee.

Preliminary answers to Progress problems

by Andy Potts at 30/08/2011 12:57

Scientists have worked out what went wrong with the launch of a Progress space probe which crashed last week.

The Soyuz launch vehicle had problems with the flow of gasified fuel to its engines, according to a statement posted on the Roskosmos website.

Studies of the accident are on-going, and the report notes that findings will be shared with NASA and other international partners.

On Monday NASA reported concerns that the failed launch might leave the ISS unmanned for some months due to safety concerns.

So news that there has been some movement towards identifying the problem is likely to reassure the Americans, who currently rely on Russian rockets to service the orbital center.

No debris

Efforts to find the remains of the lost spacecraft, which is thought to have landed in Altai, have come to nothing.

Severe weather conditions, in particular heavy rain, have hampered the search but neither helicopters nor foot patrols have found any wreckage.

Meanwhile, health and safety monitors are planning to check samples of fruits and berries from the region for signs of toxic substances from the Progress module.

There have also been daily tests on water, which have so far found no signs of pollution related to the accident.

Last week Roskosmos said that reports of health problems in the region were not related to toxic waste from the spaceship.

Credit: Andy Potts, theMoscowNews

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