Russia to prevent unsuccessful spacecraft launches

Those responsible for the unsuccessful launches of the Express AM-4 satellite and the Progress cargo spaceship will be fired, deputy head of the RosCosmos, the Russian Space Agency, Vitaly Davydov has declared.

Photo: EPA

He said that so as to avoid accidents in the future, space launches will be controlled by special expert groups.

On the 18th of August a Proton-M carrier rocket with the Express AM-4 satellite was launched to a faulty orbit. The RosCosmos confirmed that there was a failure in the propulsion system.

On the 24th of August a Soyuz-U carrier rocket was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome with the Progress M12M cargo spaceship but the rocket engine failed on the 235th second of the flight. The RosCosmos believes that  fragments of the rocket are scattered over Altai forests in the south of Siberia.

Credit: The Voice of Russia

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