Chinese YF-100 (Russian RD-120) to Power CZ-5

The YF-100 liquid rocket engine was a Chinese copy of the Russian RD-120, intended to power the new-generation CZ-5, CZ-6 and CZ-7 launch vehicles. The YF-100 development began in 2000 at the Academy of Aerospace Propulsion Technology (AAPT, or the Sixth Academy) in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. The engine was certified by the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence (SASTIND) in May 2012. Credit:


Role First-stage and strap-on booster main motor
  • CZ-5 (3.35m/2.25m Strap-on booster)
  • CZ-6 (First-stage)
  • CZ-7 (First-stage and 2.25m strap-on booster)
Status In development
Fuel Kerosene
Oxidizer Liquid oxygen (LOX)
Cycle Staged combustion
Thrust (sea-level) 1,199.19 kN (122.3 t)
Isp (sea-level) 2,942.0 N.s/kg (300 s)
Thrust (vacuum) 1,339.48 kN (136.7 t)
Isp (vacuum) 3,286.2 N.s/kg (335 s)
Fuel mass flow rate 296.39 kg/s
Oxidizer mass flow rate 113.31 kg/s
Total mass flow rate 409.70 kg/s
Adjustable thrust 65~100%
Nozzle diameter 1.338 m


Chinese YF-100 LOX/Kerosene Rocket Engine Test

Credit: This took place on 11 November, 2010, somewhere in Shaanxi Province. It was a test of two YF-100 LOX/Kerosene rocket engines fired together.

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