China Outlines Space Priorities, Including Debris Mitigation, New Launch Vehicles

The graphic shows part of Long-March series of carrier rockets. Illustration: Xinhua

PARIS — The Chinese government on Dec. 29 issued a broad statement on its five-year space program, saying top priorities include developing three new launch vehicles — including a rapid-response launch system — and mitigating its contribution to space debris.

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Space Plan From China Broadens Challenge to U.S.

By  and  Published: December 29, 2011

BEIJING — Broadening its challenge to the United States, the Chinese government on Thursday announced an ambitious five-year plan for space exploration that would move China closer to becoming a major rival at a time when the American program is in retreat.

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China white paper sets out five-year space plan

China has released a white paper setting out its space plans for the next five years.

China ”will push forward human spaceflight projects and make new technological breakthroughs”, the report said.

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Space Report Touts Tech, Tiptoes Around Military Uses

Since China shocked the world by obliterating one of its aging weather satellites with a missile in 2007, it has struggled to reassure other countries of its peaceful intentions in space.

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