The Lynx: A low cost suborbital vehicle

Lynx 5

By Kathleen Petty | Staff Writer | MyWestTexas

A two-seat reusable winged launch vehicle, the Lynx will take research and passengers to the suborbital level, or about 62 miles above the earth.

It will take off and land like an aircraft in a horizontal manner and its rocket propulsion system should allow the […]

Citizen Astronaut Training – Aerobatic Flights

by RocketAcademy

High-gee/zero-gee training flight with citizen-astronaut candidates Maureen Adams and Lt. Col. Steve Heck (USAF-ret.).

Citizens in Space, a project of the United States Rocket Academy, has acquired 10 flights on the XCOR Lynx suborbital spacecraft which we are making available to the citizen-science community. We will be selecting 100 citizen-science experiments […]