U.S. Air Force Plans Reusable Space Booster

By Guy Norris Los Angeles

Stretched between growing operational space demands and shrinking budgets, the U.S. Air Force is funding the first major research phases of a reusable booster system (RBS) intended to replace its costly expendable launchers.

Although the value of the initial contracts to Andrews Space, Boeing and Lockheed Martin is only $2 […]

SLS Boosters Raise Hope For Kerosene

By Frank Morring, Jr. Washington

Advanced kerosene-fueled rocket engines will be a serious subtext this week when launch-industry representatives gather for briefings on NASA’s plans to compete the strap-on boosters for its next heavy-lift rocket.

The Space Launch System (SLS) needs new boosters to meet the 130-metric-ton capability that Congress has ordered. While NASA is […]

NASA Fleshes Out SLS Development Schedule

By Frank Morring, Jr., Jefferson Morris Marshall Space Flight Center, Washington

Struggling to stay within a flat budget for the heavy-lift Space Launch System (SLS), NASA plans to halt development of the J-2X rocket engine that will power its upper stage after the ongoing development-test series.

Once the pacing item for the defunct Ares I […]