FARNBOROUGH: Virgin out to steal the show with SpaceShipTwo display


By:   DAN THISDELL FARNBOROUGH 6 hours ago Source: 

If you’re looking out for show stealers at Farnborough, Virgin Galactic (OE23) is likely to be one of the candidates.

The company will be lighting up the static display with a mockup of its SpaceShipTwo (SS2), which is set to begin rocket-powered flight trials this summer, with plans […]

JPL scientists show evidence of water on Saturn moon

By James Figueroa, SGVN twitter.com/jfigscribe Finding water is a major step for finding life on other planets, which is why JPL and NASA scientists were so excited about reports coming from an aging Saturn exploration mission.In findings published in the journal Science, researchers detailed evidence that an ocean is beneath the icy outer layer of […]

The Lynx: A low cost suborbital vehicle

Lynx 5

By Kathleen Petty | Staff Writer | MyWestTexas

A two-seat reusable winged launch vehicle, the Lynx will take research and passengers to the suborbital level, or about 62 miles above the earth.

It will take off and land like an aircraft in a horizontal manner and its rocket propulsion system should allow the […]

With Mars Rover’s Newest Panorama, It Feels Like You’re There

If you seek a dazzling new image for a MacBook Pro’s Retina screen, look no further.

This week NASA released an ultra-high-resolution view of the frigid Martian landscape captured by the only rover currently operating on the red planet.

“The view provides … a spectacularly detailed view of the largest impact crater that we’ve driven to […]

Higgs boson announcement: Cern scientists discover subatomic particle

What happens inside the Large Hadron Collider. Scientists at Cern, near Geneva, have this morning announced the likely discovery of the Higgs boson particle. Photograph: Cern

Scientists gather for a major announcement in Cern, home of the Large Hadron Collider

7.17am: Good morning all.

Two teams of physicists at the Cern laboratory near Geneva are preparing […]

Fireworks Over Mars – The Spirit of 76 Pyrotechnics

One month and a day after America celebrates its independence with fireworks, a series of meticulously-engineered fireworks must operate for the Curiosity rover to safely reach the surface of the Red Planet as shown in this artist’s concept. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

One month and a day after celebrating its independence with fireworks exhibitions throughout […]