Space Shuttle Discovery Departs KSC to Dulles Smithsonian

The Space Shuttle Discovery makes its historic final flight April 17, 2012

[youtube 3vMYdk7PzXo]


SCA Carrying Discovery Departs KSC (KSC-2012-2375) The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft transporting space shuttle Discovery to its new home flies over the 525-foot-tall Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The duo took off from Kennedy’s Shuttle Landing […]

Dragon Expected to Set Historic Course

The Dragon spacecraft will be loaded with about 1,200 pounds of cargo for its upcoming mission that is expected to dock with the International Space Station. Image credit: SpaceX

SpaceX crossed another milestone this week as company and NASA officials met for a thorough Flight Readiness Review ahead of the launch of the Dragon […]