Rokot carrier rocket launches to resume soon

MOSCOW, October 4 (RIA Novosti)

Rokot carrier rocket © European Space Agency

Launches of Rokot carrier rockets may resume in the near future, Commander of Russian Space Forces Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko said on Tuesday.

“Work on resuming the launches is in the final stage and we are working closely with Russian federal space agency Roskosmos. […]

Astronomers Debate Where 1st Interstellar Starship Should Go Exploring

by Clara Moskowitz, Senior Writer

The next 50 years of spaceflight will carry many challenges and surprises for explorers hoping to extend their reach into the cosmos. But it will also likely hold untapped riches for space science and spinoff technology that could, one day, catapult human and robotic explores beyond our own […]


Analysis by Irene Klotz

There are many problems to solve before we can send a spaceship to another star system. About the only thing most folks agree on is that at some point we must make the journey or eventually humans will join the dinosaurs on the species extinction list.

We don’t know when that day […]

Delta 2 among potential customers

By Janene Scully / Associate Editor /

NASA/Contributed Workers stack the Delta 2 rocket at Space Launch Complex-2 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in July for what once was expected to be the final blastoff for that rocket.

NASA has agreed to consider awarding future missions to the Delta 2 rocket, possibly extending […]