Barney Pell’s Business Case For Going To The Moon (link to Video)

Moon Express CEO Bob Richards

Getting to the Moon isn’t easy, but it’s only rocket science.

The missing element: a business case for going to the Moon, and staying there.

Barney Pell is vice chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express, one of 29 groups competing for the Google Lunar Prize, has a few ideas.


Humans will need ‘three planets’ by 2050

PHOTO: Humans will need three planets of resources by 2050, warns an environment group NASA: Reuters

By Leah MacLennan

August 25, 2011 08:17:51

The World Wildlife Fund says three planets worth of natural resources will be needed by the middle of this century if current consumption rates continue.

The group’s Australian CEO, Dermot […]

NASA alters commercial spacecraft partnering

CAPE CANAVERAL 12:21 AM, Sep. 17, 2011— NASA on Friday announced it would change how it partners with companies developing private spacecraft to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, acknowledging the move could cause some frustration.

“We’ve made our decision, and we recognize that not everyone will agree with it, but we’re at the point […]