The rocket is likely a test to chase the elusive holy grail for rocket scientists — reusable launchers.

Reusability is key to the dramatic cost savings that will enable advancements in human exploration of space. The Dragon spacecraft is fully reusable and SpaceX is working toward the goal of delivering the world's first fully […]


BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, September 30, 2011 – International Launch Services (ILS), a leading launch services provider for the global commercial satellite industry, successfully carried the QuetzSat-1 satellite into geostationary transfer orbit today on an ILS Proton for SES of Luxembourg (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG). This was the 19th SES satellite launched on […]

China launches module for space station


In this photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, a Long March-2FT1 carrier rocket loaded with Tiangong-1 unmanned space lab module blasts off from the launch pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gansu Province, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011. China launched the experimental module to lay the […]

U.S. Needs Near-term Results in Human Space Exploration

Next January will see the eighth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s announcement of the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE), which set the nation on a renewed course to send Americans to explore beyond Earth orbit.

Eight years — that’s about how long it took from John Kennedy’s lunar landing challenge in 1961 to the […]

NASA’s Associate Administrator For Science Ed Weiler To Retire

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Ed Weiler, who has worked almost 33 years as a leader in NASA’s science exploration programs, will retire from the agency effectiveSept. 30.

Weiler most recently served as the associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at agency Headquarters in Washington, directing a variety of research and science programs in Earth science, heliophysics, […]

Orbital Sciences Corp Minotaur 4+ launch TacSat-4


Minotaur IV/TacSat-4


Launch Date: September 27, 2011 Launch Location: Kodiak Launch Complex, Alaska Mission Customer: U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC)

For Immediate Release



— Successful Flight of Minotaur IV Extends Perfect Launch Record […]

House Hearing NASA Human Spaceflight Past, Present, and Future: Where Do We Go From Here?

Category: Government

Event Format: Hearing

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011

Location: Washington, DC 20515, US


– Mr. Neil A. Armstrong, Commander, Apollo 11

– Captain Eugene A. Cernan USN (ret.), Commander, Apollo 17

– Dr. Michael D. Griffin, Eminent Scholar and Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Alabama in Huntsville

– Maria Zuber, […]

Obama Administration: Lost in Space

by Jason Killian Meath

Astronauts are stranded on the space station. America’s once-mighty Space Shuttle fleet has been disassembled and mothballed with nothing to replace it. The Russians, once the inferior player in the space race, is the only hope left to rescue the stranded astronauts. No, this isn’t the treatment to a B-list summer movie […]

Aero-Analysis: A Well Earned Mistrust President Obama’s Wandering Course On Human Spaceflight

By Wes Oleszewski 

President Obama Signs NASA Bill

When President Obama signed the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 it placed into effect PL111-267. This law mandated that it will be the policy of the United States to have a Federal space launch system and that NASA must develop a Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle to […]

Barney Pell’s Business Case For Going To The Moon (link to Video)

Moon Express CEO Bob Richards

Getting to the Moon isn’t easy, but it’s only rocket science.

The missing element: a business case for going to the Moon, and staying there.

Barney Pell is vice chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express, one of 29 groups competing for the Google Lunar Prize, has a few ideas.