NASA spacecraft will pluck samples from asteroid

A NASA spacecraft will reach out and touch an asteroid and send pieces back to Earth, the space agency announced Wednesday.

The big picture of how space policy gets done ? or doesn?t get done

The 2011 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) kicked off in Huntsville, Alabama, yesterday with a panel titled “How Space Gets Done” featuring a number of current and former officials and experts. The title was perhaps a bit unintentionally ironic, since panelists described just how inefficiently space policy is getting done in Washington today. “Where we […]

Technical and other challenges in designing the SLS

On Monday NASA issued a brief release stating that it will hold a briefing Tuesday afternoon “discuss an agency decision that will define the next transportation system to carry humans into deep space”. That’s led to some speculation that NASA has reached a decision on the architecture of the Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift vehicle. […]

Congressional support for NASA?s MPCV decision

The “key decision” that NASA announced Tuesday regarding the agency’s space exploration plans was not too surprising, and perhaps a bit underwhelming: NASA is transitioning its existing work on the Orion spacecraft to the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV). In the NASA statement and media teleconference later that day, NASA indicated there would be effectively no […]

Spacewalkers complete marathon second spacewalk

Astronauts spent over eight hours outside the International Space Station on Sunday carrying out several…

Endeavour cleared for reentry

Shuttle managers announced Saturday they have cleared the shuttle Endeavour for a return to Earth…

Soyuz lands in Kazakhstan

A Soyuz spacecraft carrying three ISS crewmembers landed safely in Kazakhstan early Tuesday, several hours…

NASA to transition Orion contract to MPCV

NASA announced Tuesday that it will transition existing contracts for the Orion crew exploration vehicle…

NASA ends efforts to contact Spirit rover

NASA will end efforts this month to restore communications with the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit,…

NASA aims to grab asteroid time capsule

NASA on Wednesday said it plans to launch the first unmanned US spacecraft to a deep space asteroid in 2016 to collect samples and return them to Earth for further study.