Russia launches Progress cargo spacecraft

A Soyuz rocket placed a Progress cargo spacecraft destined for the International Space Station into…

STS-134 countdown begins

NASA started the official countdown on Tuesday afternoon for Friday’s launch of the space…

Glitch delays Endeavour launch

NASA has postponed the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour, planned for Friday afternoon, at…

Russian space agency head removed

The head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos was effectively fired on Friday and replaced…

Progress docks with ISS

A Progress cargo spacecraft docked with the International Space Station on Friday morning, carrying a…

NASA to Update Endeavour’s Status Sunday

Engineers should know Sunday whether space shuttle Endeavour’s six-man crew and their families — including wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — need to stick around for a Monday launch attempt or come back sometime next weekend.

Texas versus New York

In the immediate aftermath of NASA’s announcement Tuesday, officials from Ohio and Texas, who were both left empty-handed, reacted differently to the bad news: while Ohio officials criticized the decision on geographic grounds and immediately issued a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) asking them to review the decision-making progress, Texas officials vented their […]

Supporting space in Florida

Florida Senate president Mike Haridopolos, who is also seeking the Republican nomination to run against US Senator Bill Nelson in 2012, called for more support from the federal government for Florida’s space industry in a curious op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday. Haridopolos laments the impending layoff of 1,900 workers at the Kennedy Space […]

Budget wrapup and heavy-lift language

On Friday the president signed into law the final fiscal year 2011 appropriations bill, ending an appropriations process that started over a year ago. Passage of the bill last week was greeted relatively quietly, with a rather generic statement of appreciation from NASA administrator Charles Bolden, who noted the bill gives NASA the funds to […]

Briefly: Obama visit; shuttle updates; ?Moon mission?

A roundup of miscellaneous items on a slow space policy news week: As has been widely reported, President Obama will visit the Kennedy Space Center next Friday to witness the scheduled launch of space shuttle Endeavour on STS-134. His appearance will only heighten the media frenzy surrounding the launch, which has less to do with […]