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  • newYet Another NASA Space Policy Report That Reveals No Policy
    National Space Exploration Campaign Report - Pursuant to Section 432(b) of the NASA Transition Authorization Act of 2017 (P.L. 115-10), September 2018, NASA Keith's note: Once again NASA is trying to tell us that all is well in space and...
    - 2 hours ago 24 Sep 18, 3:58pm -
  • Russia Complains About A Gateway Role It Can't Afford
    Russia throws doubt on joint lunar space station with U.S.: RIA, Reuters "Moscow may abandon a project to build a space station in lunar orbit in partnership with U.S. space agency NASA because it does not want a "second fiddle...
    - 2 days ago 23 Sep 18, 3:49am -
  • NASA Birthday Parties In DC
    And the season of invitation-only #nasa60th @NASA contractor parties have started in Washington, DC. ... think of all the money that could have been spent on scholarships instead. #PartyOn— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) Sep…
    - 4 days ago 21 Sep 18, 2:01am -
  • Space Tensions Eased: Cosmonauts Love Ivanka
    Ivanka Trump sent over the moon by Russian cosmonaut's message from ISS, ABC 13 "Before ending the call, NASA commander Dr. Andrew Feustel said he would be remiss if he didn't give Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev a chance to say...
    - 4 days ago 21 Sep 18, 12:36am -
  • Another Overtly Political Campaign Visit At JSC
    I am proud of the work being done to strengthen America's leadership in space by fellow Texans & @NASA. Glad to be joining @IvankaTrump & @JimBridenstine in a visit to @NASA_Johnson in #Houston today!— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz)…
    - 4 days ago 20 Sep 18, 4:40pm -
  • One Major Road Block To Bridenstine's Advertising Ideas
    Why NASA Needs a New Logo, "The logo looks more vintage than victorious, according to the designers I interviewed. (Disclosure: None of the designers I spoke to works for, or has worked with, NASA. They are all experts, however,...
    - 4 days ago 20 Sep 18, 3:50pm -
  • Apparently The Force Is Not With The Space Force
    Shanahan downplays disagreements over Space Force structure, Defense News "Days after the Air Force released a Space Force memo that seemed to contradict a plan laid out by Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, the number two at the Pentagon.…
    - 5 days ago 20 Sep 18, 2:38am -
  • That Time A Falcon Rocket Visited Washington, DC
    15 yrs ago, @elonmusk brought his un-flown falcon rocket to the @airandspace museum to show the world he was ready to take on the traditional aerospace firms. This week - he and @yousuck2020 announce their mission to the moon....
    - 5 days ago 19 Sep 18, 2:54pm -
  • Which Future In Space Do You Want To See?
    IMHO We can either try and create a future where people - many people - live and work in space - or we can settle for 6 civil servants in flight suits doing interviews about things that no one...
    - 6 days ago 18 Sep 18, 4:19pm -
  • A Very Different Take On Experiencing Space Travel
    The Next Expedition To The Moon Will Be Filled With Artists "SpaceX exceeded everyone's expectations tonight by announcing that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa bought not just one but all of the seats in a BFR mission to fly by the...
    - 7 days ago 18 Sep 18, 3:19am -
  • National Space Council UAG Goes Through The Motions Of Being Interested
    Keith's note: Once again we see an exercise in checking the boxes with regard to the making of space policy. A White House-created committee of experts, hand-selected to focus on a desired ad somewhat pre-determiined outcome, goes through the...
    - 7 days ago 17 Sep 18, 4:20pm -
  • U.S. - Canada Space Cooperation Remains Strong
    Canada and U.S. Space Cooperation Remains Strong but Funding Drives Programs, SpaceQ "On September 7 the Wilson Center's Canada Institute in Washington organized a one day event titled "Over the Horizon: A New Era for Canada-U.S. Space Cooperation?"…
    - 7 days ago 17 Sep 18, 3:47pm -
  • SpaceX Will Announce Their Moon Passenger Next Week
    @SpaceX: "SpaceX has signed the world's first private passenger to fly around the Moon aboard our BFR launch vehicle--an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling to space. Find out who's flying and why on...
    - 11 days ago 14 Sep 18, 1:57am -
  • Jody Singer Named As MSFC Center Director
    Jody Singer Named Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center "NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has named Jody Singer director of the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Singer has been the center's deputy director sin…
    - 11 days ago 13 Sep 18, 7:14pm -
  • Congress Is Honoring Hidden Figures
    Ranking Member Johnson and Vice Chairman Lucas Introduce the Hidden Figures "Today, Ranking Member Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) introduced H.R. 6795, the "Hidden Figures Congressional Gold Medal Act." Vice Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) is an original c…
    - 11 days ago 13 Sep 18, 6:05pm -


  • newDust Storms On Titan Observed By Cassini
    Data from the international Cassini spacecraft that explored Saturn and its moons between 2004 and 2017 has revealed what appear to be giant dust storms in equatorial regions of Titan....
    - 1 hour ago 24 Sep 18, 4:27pm -
  • This Week at NASA - First Light for New Instruments
    Several NASA instruments see their first light, another active week for our administrator, and discover just how much space is in our daily lives ... a few of the stories to tell you about - This Week at NASA....
    - 1 day ago 23 Sep 18, 2:01pm -
  • HTV-7 Is On It Way To The ISS
    H-II Transfer Vehicle-7 (HTV-7) was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in southern Japan at 1:52 p.m. EDT Saturday, Sept. 22 (2:52 a.m. Sept. 23 Japan standard time). HTV-7 is now safely in orbit....
    - 2 days ago 22 Sep 18, 6:05pm -
  • Hayabusa Mini-Rovers Land On Asteroid Ryugu
    @haya2e_jaxa "This dynamic photo was captured by Rover-1A on September 22 at around 11:44 JST. It was taken on Ryugu's surface during a hop. The left-half is the surface of Ryugu, while the white region on the right is due...
    - 2 days ago 22 Sep 18, 5:58pm -
  • NASA Weekly ISS Space to Ground Report for September 21, 2018
    NASA's Space to Ground is your weekly update on what's happening aboard the International Space Station....
    - 3 days ago 21 Sep 18, 9:58pm -
  • NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 20 September 2018 - Service Module ISS Reboost
    The launch of a Japanese resupply ship to the International Space Station was postponed till Saturday. Meanwhile, the Expedition 56 crew moved on with critical space research and orbital lab maintenance....
    - 3 days ago 21 Sep 18, 9:00pm -
  • Earth from Space - São Miguel, Azores
    The Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over the largest island of the Azores: São Miguel....
    - 3 days ago 21 Sep 18, 8:09pm -
  • ScanMars Demonstrates Water Detection Device for Astronauts on Mars
    Analogue astronauts have successfully trialed a radar that could help future Mars explorers identify where to dig for water....
    - 4 days ago 21 Sep 18, 1:42am -
  • New Small Satellite Peers Inside Hurricane Florence
    A new experimental weather satellite no bigger than a cereal box got an inside look at Hurricane Florence in a test of technology that could influence the future of storm monitoring from space....
    - 4 days ago 21 Sep 18, 1:38am -
  • Recent Tectonics on Mars
    These prominent trenches were formed by faults that pulled the planet's surface apart less than 10 million years ago....
    - 4 days ago 21 Sep 18, 1:31am -
  • Matter Falling Into Black Hole at 30% of the Speed of Light
    A UK team of astronomers report the first detection of matter falling into a black hole at 30% of the speed of light, located in the centre of the billion-light-year distant galaxy PG211+143....
    - 4 days ago 21 Sep 18, 1:29am -
  • NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 19 September 2018
    Physics science and human research continues unabated aboard the International Space Station as NASA and its partners seek to understand the impacts of living in space....
    - 4 days ago 20 Sep 18, 8:28pm -
  • SLS Mobile Launcher Inside VAB High Bay 3
    NASA's mobile launcher is inside High Bay 3 at the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) on Sept. 11, 2018, at NASA Kennedy Space Center....
    - 5 days ago 20 Sep 18, 2:17am -
  • Three Causes of Earth's Spin Axis Drift Identified
    A typical desk globe is designed to be a geometric sphere and to rotate smoothly when you spin it. Our actual planet is far less perfect -- in both shape and in rotation....
    - 5 days ago 20 Sep 18, 2:15am -
  • New Study Tracks Hurricane Harvey Stormwater with GPS
    Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) of water on southeast Texas in late August 2017, making it the wettest recorded hurricane in U.S. history. But after the storm passed, where did all that water go?...
    - 5 days ago 20 Sep 18, 2:13am -

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Rover 1A Hops on Asteroid Ryugu
Rover 1A Hops on Asteroid Ryugu
- -
Equinox: Analemma over the Callanish Stones
Equinox: Analemma over the Callanish Stones
- -
Window Seat over Hudson Bay
Window Seat over Hudson Bay
- -
Irregular Galaxy NGC 55
Irregular Galaxy NGC 55
- -
Stars and Dust in Corona Australis
Stars and Dust in Corona Australis
- -
Cocoon Nebula Deep Field
Cocoon Nebula Deep Field
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