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  • newSmallsat companies band together in new spectrum-advocacy organization
    Eleven small satellite companies are establishing a trade association to address spectrum policies and regulations specific to the no-longer-tiny smallsat
    - 5 hours ago 22 Sep 17, 7:33pm -
  • newAir Force taking steps to speed up space modernization
    Space advocates on Capitol Hill have pounded the Air Force for the slow pace of modernization. The four-star general in charge of Air Force Space Command says the message has been heard loud and
    - 8 hours ago 22 Sep 17, 4:09pm -
  • newMuddling through space traffic management
    “Space traffic management” is the cyber security of the space world. It is a hugely important public policy issue that underpins the successful future expansion of space activities, yet there is no agreement on its definition.
    - 8 hours ago 22 Sep 17, 4:00pm -
  • newUSAF puts space warfighting focus on awareness
    With the recent development of the first space warfighting concepts of operation, U.S. Air Force space leaders are focusing more on development on better space situational
    - 9 hours ago 22 Sep 17, 3:50pm -
  • BT Global Services:  LEO, HTS boosting perception of satellite communications
    Satellites have been the option of last resort for telecommunication companies and their customers in the past decades, according to Renato Goodfellow, head of global satellite at BT Global Services.
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 17, 10:37pm -
  • Buzz Aldrin and Greg Autry: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run NASA
    Finding another James Webb to run NASA was no easy task. President Trump considered several excellent candidates, some of whom we personally admire, but in the spirit of Webb’s leadership, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine is the president’s nominee fo…
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 8:34pm -
  • NASA prepares to retire GRACE Earth science satellites
    An aging German-American Earth science mission will come to an end this fall, months before the launch of a next-generation satellite
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 7:50pm -
  • SpaceX forces Air Force to revise launch mindset
    “SpaceX does not launch on schedule,” says Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, commander, 45th Space Wing. “They launch on readiness.”
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 7:47pm -
  • Kymeta ships first 400 flat-panel antennas, confirms talks with OneWeb
    Speaking at the VSAT Global conference in here Sept. 20, Kymeta’s chief commercial officer Bill Marks said the company has received thousands of orders of its 70-centimeter Ku antennas and will start mass production next week on an assembly line…
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 7:35pm -
  • Air Force Reserve grooming space warriors
    Air Force leaders generally agree that the service will need more skills in three key areas: space, cyber and intelligence. Where that talent will come from is still a matter of
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 6:33pm -
  • Mattis sees need for new space programs
    “In space, we need new starts in order to take advantage of what industry can deliver if we are willing to invest there,” U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Sept. 20 at the annual Air Force Association Air Space Cyber conference.SpaceNews.…
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 5:02pm -
  • Space industry awaits Air Force decisions on future launch services
    Much is at stake for the space industry in how the Air Force proceeds with a “launch services agreement” that has been in the works for months. Bidders already have commented on an earlier draft request for proposals and are now awaiting the fi…
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 3:20pm -
  • Bulgaria Sat striving to sell half of BulgariaSat-1’s capacity outside of Bulgaria and Serbia
    Bulgaria Sat, the fledgling Bulgarian satellite operator whose first satellite launched this summer at a time when oversupply has driven prices down, is trying to sell half of its capacity to international customers in more challenging market condi…
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 2:59pm -
  • Air Force exploring ways to protect satellite networks from cyberattacks
    The military is confident that its own spacecraft are tightly encrypted and unlikely to be taken down by hackers. It worries, however, about the vulnerability of commercial satellites that host military
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 2:11pm -
  • Engine test latest step for Stratolaunch’s giant aircraft
    Stratolaunch announced Sept. 19 that the company has achieved another milestone in the development of a unique giant aircraft that will serve as a launch
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 9:37pm -
  • Lockheed Martin unveils new satellite bus lineup
    With both military and commercial customers seeking more choices in satellite size and orbit, Lockheed Martin has rolled out a new family of satellite buses that consolidate the customized spacecraft the company has previously developed.SpaceNews.…
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 8:31pm -
  • SpaceX asks FCC to make exception for LEO constellations in Connect America Fund decisions
    SpaceX does not want the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to exclude its future low-Earth orbit constellation as a potential Connect America Fund award recipient because of the way the agency classifies communications…
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 7:39pm -
  • Lower launch costs, smaller payloads will help shape space warfighting, Goldfein says
    With both launch costs and payload size going down, it will be easier for the U.S. Air Force to deploy the right kinds of sensors and systems to fight future space wars that will depend more on information and networking, said Gen. David Goldfein,…
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 7:23pm -
  • Space could benefit from shift in Air Force investment strategy
    When Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson recently visited an air warfare command center in the Middle East, she was “struck” by how different things are now compared to just a few years
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 6:17pm -
  • White House nominates additional directors for Ex-Im Bank
    The White House has nominated three additional people to serve as directors of the Export-Import Bank, including one with experience in the satellite
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 6:17pm -
  • New ICBM gets boost after Mattis’ endorsement
    The unexpected escalation of North Korea’s atomic weapons program and Russia’s nuclear posturing are providing fresh momentum to U.S. efforts to develop a new intercontinental ballistic
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 3:41pm -
  • Space Nation hires firm led by former Apple marketing chief
    Space Nation, the Finnish startup developing an astronaut training smartphone application, announced plans Sept. 19 to join forces with West, the San Francisco-based “venture studio” founded by Allison Johnson, Apple’s former vice president f…
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 2:24pm -
  • Minotaur 4’s canceled commercial cubesat rideshares could spark policy changes
    Following a decision to pull eight Spire commercial cubesats from an Orbital ATK Minotaur 4 launch from Cape Canaveral Aug. 26 carrying a military payload, the U.S. Air Force says it and other government agencies are crafting clear procedures on ho…
    - 4 days ago 19 Sep 17, 4:05am -
  • Bridenstine outlines challenges he foresees for NASA
    The nominee to be the next administrator of NASA says that he believes the agency’s top challenges include maintaining “consistency and constancy of purpose” that can support long-term plans, while building up international and commercial rel…
    - 4 days ago 18 Sep 17, 9:45pm -

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NASA Watch Headlines

  • newArecibo Post-Hurricane Status
    Keith's note: This memo from the SETI Institute captures the latest from Arecibo: "The Arecibo Observatory, like the rest of Puerto Rico, was subjected to Hurricane Maria earlier this week: A group of the observatory staff has been sheltering...
    - 8 hours ago 22 Sep 17, 4:35pm -
  • Support For Bridenstine Solidifies (Update)
    NASA nominee promoting 'consensus' agenda for space program "Sean O'Keefe, NASA administrator during George W. Bush's first term, applauded Bridenstine's objectives. "I think he's picked a pretty good selection of priorities to pursue that will estab…
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 17, 2:48pm -
  • Rough Weather Ahead For Arecibo
    From NWS— Marvin (@MarvinDMartian2) September 20, 2017 This is what the Arecibo Observatory @NAICobservatory is going through right now #astronomy #telescope #SETI— HubbleScience (@hub…
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 2:56pm -
  • Larry Taylor
    "Renowned lunar scientist Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Taylor succumbed to a short bout with brain cancer at 8:53 AM EDT on Monday, September 18, 2017. This year Larry received the Michael J. Wargo Exploration Science Award for his significant contributions…
    - 3 days ago 20 Sep 17, 12:11am -
  • NASA's SLS Roadshow Heads For Indiana. The First of 50 Or Just A Stunt?
    Interesting. @NASA is sending a @NASA_SLS PR team to the home state of @VP Pence - who is also the former governor.— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) September 19, 2017 #NASASLS is headed to Indiana to see how Indiana companies..…
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 7:36pm -
  • Bridenstine Lists His Qualifications To Become NASA Administrator
    Biographical Information Submitted by NASA Administrator Nominee James Bridenstine "I believe NASA's top three challenges are: - Maintaining consistency and constancy of purpose while establishing a consensus agenda that can bridge multiple administr…
    - 4 days ago 19 Sep 17, 1:17am -
  • House Science Committee Climate Conspiracy Collides With Reality
    Facts Contradict House Science Committee Majority's Attack on NOAA's Climate Scientists "On Sunday, the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday, was forced to publish an "adverse adjudication" against it by the Independent Press Standards Organization (IP…
    - 4 days ago 18 Sep 17, 9:35pm -
  • Space Dinosaurs Continue To Eat One Another
    Northrop Grumman to Acquire Orbital ATK for $9.2 Billion, Northrop Grumman "Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC), a leading global security company, and Orbital ATK, Inc. (NYSE: OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, today an…
    - 4 days ago 18 Sep 17, 1:00pm -
  • Big Aerospace Contribution Recipient Complains About Imaginary SpaceX Monopoly
    For some reason, Ron Paul has taken to Fox News to skewer SpaceX, Ars Technica "Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul has written an opinion piece for Fox News that comes out swinging against SpaceX, accusing the company of benefiting from...
    - 5 days ago 18 Sep 17, 12:15am -
  • Bridenstine's Climate Record Is Different Than You Thought
    House lawmakers back amendment requiring Pentagon climate change report, The Hill "The House Armed Services Committee's annual defense policy bill will include a provision requiring a Defense Department report on the effects of climate change on mili…
    - 7 days ago 15 Sep 17, 9:18pm -
  • Upcoming Calendar Events For TrumpSpace
    There is inside the beltway chatter about a confirmation hearing for @RepJBridenstine on 27 Sept. Or maybe not. #NASA— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) September 15, 2017 Inside-the-beltway space peep chatter hints at a National Space Council Meeting ar…
    - 7 days ago 15 Sep 17, 2:33pm -
  • Rocket Explosion Blooper Reels As A Marketing Tool
    Keith's note: Who'd have thought that the day would come when promoting videos of your product blowing up would be a way to promote your business? There's a subliminal paradigm shift at work here ......
    - 8 days ago 15 Sep 17, 5:03am -
  • Will Bridenstine Reboot The Vision For Space Exploration?
    A Pioneering NASA Administrator, Air & Space "These three "Pioneering Doctrines" embrace a bold statement of purpose for NASA: to extend our reach with machines and people beyond low Earth orbit, into deep space and to the objects of the...
    - 8 days ago 15 Sep 17, 3:14am -
  • NASA's Stealth Year of Education on Station Thing
    Keith's note: This notice "A Year of Education on Station" appeared with no fanfare on the NASA education audience page: "September 2017 - September 2018: Although on different crews, astronauts Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold - both former teachers...
    - 8 days ago 14 Sep 17, 10:48pm -
  • More Opposition To Bridenstine (Revised)
    Gay rights advocates target Trump's NASA nominee, Politico "Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma and former Navy pilot, has drawn praise across the space community for his thoughtfulness on space policy and support for both tr…
    - 8 days ago 14 Sep 17, 6:00pm -

Commercial Space Watch


  • A World of Snowy Dunes on Mars
    It was spring in the Northern hemisphere when this image was taken on May 21, 2017, at 13:21 local Mars time...
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 17, 11:36pm -
  • Comet or Asteroid? Hubble Discovers a Unique Binary Object
    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope helped an international team of astronomers find that an unusual object in the asteroid belt is, in fact, two asteroids orbiting each other that have comet-like features....
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 17, 11:29pm -
  • Stellar Nursery Rho Ophiuchi As Seen By Herschel
    This image shows Rho Ophiuchi, a vast stellar nursery where new stars take shape from billowing clouds of gas, as viewed by ESA's Herschel observatory....
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 17, 11:01pm -
  • NASA Measures Hurricane Maria's Torrential Rainfall, Sees Eye Re-open
    The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite, a joint mission between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency can measure rainfall from space....
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 17, 7:57pm -
  • NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 19 September 2017 - Astronomy Gear Setup
    The Expedition 53 crew worked on a variety of astronomy gear today that looks at meteors in Earth orbit and harmful radiation from deep space. The crew also explored how microgravity affects human bones and muscles....
    - 2 days ago 20 Sep 17, 1:21pm -
  • Wind, Warm Water Revved Up Melting Antarctic Glaciers
    A NASA study has located the Antarctic glaciers that accelerated the fastest between 2008 and 2014 and finds that the most likely cause of their speedup is an observed influx of warm water into the bay where they're located....
    - 3 days ago 20 Sep 17, 1:43am -
  • Barchan Dunes On Mars
    On the west (left) side of this image from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, fairly textbook-looking barchan sand dunes sit atop the bedrock....
    - 3 days ago 20 Sep 17, 1:41am -
  • Solar Wind May Affect Satellite Safety
    Could the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Costa Rica set off a hurricane in California?...
    - 3 days ago 20 Sep 17, 1:38am -
  • Hubble's Megamaser Galaxy
    Phenomena across the Universe emit radiation spanning the entire electromagnetic spectrum -- from high-energy gamma rays, which stream out from the most energetic events in the cosmos, to lower-energy microwaves and radio waves....
    - 3 days ago 20 Sep 17, 1:35am -
  • Mercury's Poles May Be Icier Than Previously Thought
    The scorching hot surface of Mercury seems like an unlikely place to find ice, but research over the past three decades has suggested that water is frozen on the first rock from the Sun, hidden away on crater floors that...
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 6:57pm -
  • NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 18 September 2017 - Gearing up for Three Spacewalks
    Expedition 53 is gearing up for three maintenance spacewalks set to take place in October over a period of two weeks. Meanwhile, the six-member crew continued researching today how their long-term missions in space affect their bodies....
    - 3 days ago 19 Sep 17, 1:34pm -
  • New Concept of Terrestrial Planet Formation
    Scientists have long been intrigued by the surfaces of terrestrial bodies other than Earth that reveal deep similarities beneath their superficially differing volcanic and tectonic histories....
    - 4 days ago 19 Sep 17, 12:06am -
  • New Gravity Map Suggests Mars Has a Porous Crust
    NASA scientists have found evidence that Mars' crust is not as dense as previously thought, a clue that could help researchers better understand the Red Planet's interior structure and evolution....
    - 4 days ago 19 Sep 17, 12:00am -
  • Hubble Catches Starbursts in a Barred Spiral Galaxy
    This Hubble Space Telescope picture shows NGC 5398, a barred spiral galaxy located about 55 million light-years away....
    - 4 days ago 18 Sep 17, 11:58pm -
  • Small, Short-lived Drops of Early Universe Quark-Gluon Plasma?
    Scientists reveal correlated flow of particles emerging from even the lowest-energy, small-scale collisions at Big-Bang particle collider....
    - 4 days ago 18 Sep 17, 11:50pm -

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Solar Eclipse Solargraph
Solar Eclipse Solargraph
- -
A September Morning Sky
A September Morning Sky
- -
The Big Corona
The Big Corona
- -
Veil Nebula: Wisps of an Exploded Star
Veil Nebula: Wisps of an Exploded Star
- -
Orion above Easter Island
Orion above Easter Island
- -
Bright Spiral Galaxy M81
Bright Spiral Galaxy M81
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