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  • newNASAWatch on Deutsche Welle: Artemis
    Keith Cowing · Deutsche Welle Interview With NASAWatch Editor Keith Cowing...
    - 13 hours ago 22 Sep 20, 9:06pm -
  • newNOAA Has Climate Change Denier Chief Scientist Nominee
    White House recommends Ryan Maue, meteorologist and critic of dire climate predictions, for NOAA chief scientist, Washington Post "The White House has tapped Ryan Maue, a meteorologist who has challenged connections between extreme weather and climat…
    - 19 hours ago 22 Sep 20, 2:31pm -
  • newNASA And Space Force Are Collaborating
    NASA Administrator to Discuss Collaboration with US Space Force, NASA "NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will participate in a virtual discussion on the agency's collaboration with the United States Space Force at 9:30 a.m. EDT Tuesday, Sept. 22. Th…
    - 20 hours ago 22 Sep 20, 2:04pm -
  • Important Artemis Questions Will Be Answered Today (Update)
    Keith's note: Last week Jim Bridenstine suggested that landing at the south pole of the Moon might not be in the cards for Artemis III. A few days later HEOMD AA Kathy Lueders did not give a clear answer...
    - 1 day ago 21 Sep 20, 10:25pm -
  • Advanced Night Repair Serum In Space
    NASA Highlights Science, Business on Next Northrop Grumman Mission to Space Station "Phil McAlister, director of commercial spaceflight development at NASA and Stéphane de La Faverie, group president, The Estée Lauder Companies and global brand pre…
    - 2 days ago 21 Sep 20, 8:22pm -
  • Space Force Fans Want To Implement The "Green Agenda"
    The Space Force's relevance to the green agenda, The Hill "But the service is also doing more in this domain. The USSF, for instance, is taking the lead on what will become the ultimate green energy technology: space-based solar power....
    - 2 days ago 21 Sep 20, 12:49am -
  • HEOMD Internal Reorganization Completed
    NASA human spaceflight directorate completes reorganization, SpaceNews "The NASA directorate responsible for human spaceflight efforts has completed a long-anticipated internal reorganization intended to better align activities ranging from the Inter…
    - 4 days ago 19 Sep 20, 7:04pm -
  • Two Decade NASA CIO Struggle To Implement Effective IT Governance
    Hearing link, Hearing on Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Information Technology Management, Policies, and Practices at NASA Prepared statements - Rep. Kendra Horn - Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson - Rep. Brian Babin - Jeff Seaton, Chief Information Offic…
    - 5 days ago 18 Sep 20, 3:45pm -
  • The Path To Mars Flies Over Your House
    #iss #mars— Iss Fan Club (@issfanclub) September 17, 2020 Keith's note: After 20 years of continuous human occupation, the full potential of the ISS has yet to be tapped. To borrow a phrase from Star Trek - which was.…
    - 5 days ago 18 Sep 20, 5:28am -
  • Did Russia Claim Venus? Too Bad They Can't Afford To Visit It Any More
    Hell Is in Space and It Belongs to Russia, Roscosmos Chief Says, Gizmmodo "Our country was the first and only one to successfully land on Venus," Rogozin told attendees at the 2020 HeliRussia exhibition, according to Russia's state-run TASS news...
    - 5 days ago 18 Sep 20, 1:19am -
  • Virtual ISS R&D Conference Draws Another Record Audience
    During the #COVID19 pandemic lots of things are different. #ISSRDC had around 1,600 registrants today. During the first day last month they had 2,000. These two audiences are larger than ever attended the event in person. @ISS_CASIS @ISS_Research @Sp…
    - 6 days ago 17 Sep 20, 8:19pm -
  • ISS Research and Development Conference (ISSRDC) Continues
    Day 2 of ISSRDC Online Series to Feature Space Investment, Commercialization, and NASA-driven Programs "Day 2 of the 9th annual International Space Station Research and Development Conference (ISSRDC) will take place virtually this Thursday, Septembe…
    - 6 days ago 17 Sep 20, 5:43pm -
  • ISS Commercialization Is Here: Reality Shows and Perfume Ads
    Space Travel Reality Show Set To Send Contestant To ISS In Works From Space Hero Company & Propagate, Deadline "The trip of the Space Hero winner will be on a SpaceX Dragon rocket. Space Hero, billed as the first space...
    - 6 days ago 17 Sep 20, 5:22pm -
  • Civilian Space Agency NASA Wants To Collaborate With Military Space Force
    I'm looking forward to my upcoming virtual discussion with @SpaceForceCSO hosted by @mitchellstudies. On Tuesday at 9:30am ET, watch NASA TV to hear more about areas of collaboration between @NASA & @SpaceForceDoD. More info:…
    - 6 days ago 17 Sep 20, 4:41pm -
  • Where Will Artemis III Land?
    Bridenstine: Wouldn't surprise me if we determine the lunar South Pole is out of reach for Artemis 3. I'm not saying it is or isn't, decisions haven't been made. But if go to equatorial region again where would we...
    - 6 days ago 17 Sep 20, 12:38am -


NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

ISS Transits Mars
ISS Transits Mars
- -
Equinox in the Sky
Equinox in the Sky
- -
Omega Sunrise
Omega Sunrise
- -
Breaking Distant Light
Breaking Distant Light
- -
Orion in Depth
Orion in Depth
- -
Arp 78: Peculiar Galaxy in Aries
Arp 78: Peculiar Galaxy in Aries
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