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  • President Trump to sign space directive Monday
    President Donald Trump is scheduled to sign his administration’s first space policy directive in a White House ceremony Dec. 11, one that may formally direct NASA to send humans back to the
    - 2 days ago 11 Dec 17, 11:04am -
  • Chinese Long March 3B launches Algeria’s first telecom satellite
    China Great Wall Industry Corp. launched Algeria’s first telecommunications satellite, Alcomsat-1, aboard a Long March 3B rocket at 11:40 a.m. Eastern to geostationary transfer orbit, the Algerian press agency APS said
    - 3 days ago 10 Dec 17, 9:03pm -
  • Blue Origin preparing to resume test flights from West Texas
    An airspace closure notice published by the Federal Aviation Administration Dec. 9 suggests Blue Origin is preparing to resume test flights of its New Shepard suborbital vehicle after a hiatus of more than a
    - 4 days ago 10 Dec 17, 1:20am -
  • New and improved Florida pad ready to resume Falcon 9 launches
    More than a year after suffering significant damage in a Falcon 9 explosion, a Florida launch pad is ready to return to service, incorporating improvements that will allow a higher flight
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 9:23pm -
  • Tethers Unlimited expands to fulfill additive manufacturing orders
    Tethers Unlimited, one of three companies NASA selected Dec. 7 to build a prototype space-based 3-D printer called FabLab has grown dramatically in recent years due to interest among government and commercial customers in this type of work.SpaceNe…
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 8:55pm -
  • Registering C-band dishes a costly, cumbersome task for customers, SES says
    If the U.S. Federal Communications Commission wants a more accurate database of C-band satellite dishes, it should make the process of registering those dishes less expensive and time-consuming, fleet operator SES said Dec.
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 8:44pm -
  • UK aims to become space startup haven to achieve growth target
    The U.K. plans to become a haven for space startups from all over the world as it aims to grow its space industry to control 10 percent of the global market by
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 6:23pm -
  • Space commander enthusiastic about NDAA reforms
    Gen. John "Jay" Raymond said the reorganization laid out in the NDAA will help to set the conditions for the United States to get ahead of its enemies in
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 5:23pm -
  • Space modernization up in the air as budget fight continues
    The protracted budget stalemate is bad news for the Air Force’s 2018 space investment budget.
    - 6 days ago 8 Dec 17, 12:18am -
  • Independent review to examine JWST launch plans
    NASA will provide an updated launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope early next year, even as some warn that the mission might face further
    - 6 days ago 7 Dec 17, 10:17pm -
  • Industry sees new opportunities for space manufacturing
    Space manufacturing, a field whose promise has gone unrealized for decades, is now offering new opportunities thanks to the use of the International Space Station and reduced space access costs, some experts
    - 7 days ago 7 Dec 17, 1:40am -
  • Study validates NanoRacks concept for commercial space station module
    A five-month study supported by NASA has concluded that it is technically feasible to convert a launch vehicle upper stage into a habitat module that could be used on the International Space Station or future commercial space…
    - 7 days ago 6 Dec 17, 7:52pm -
  • Russia looks past Soyuz-2 failure to Soyuz-5
    Try as they might, the Russian space program is having a hard time sustaining a positive news cycle. For every small step forward, it seems they take one giant leap back. Budget cuts, program delays, and regular launch failures dog Russia’s space…
    - 7 days ago 6 Dec 17, 6:07pm -
  • Fleet details 100 nanosat constellation for Internet of Things connectivity
    The space industry has at least 10 startups all wanting to use cubesats or other small satellites to help keep all manner of interoperable devices connected to a rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT)
    - 7 days ago 6 Dec 17, 4:57pm -

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NASA Watch Headlines

  • newTrump Space Policy Leaves Obama Space Policy Intact Except For Moon/Mars Pivot
    Larger Image Keith's note: As former Obama OSTP official Phil Larson notes, the Space Policy Directive 1 issued on Monday only revises a very, very small portion of the existing space policy. Since this White House did not change...
    - 13 hours ago 13 Dec 17, 1:54am -
  • newMoon, Mars, and Beyond 2.0
    Trump Policy Promises Moon, Mars, and Beyond - Will This Time Be Different?, Space Policy Online "Bold goals to continue trips to the Moon and go on to Mars envisioned in the immediate post-Apollo period never gained traction, nor did...
    - 18 hours ago 12 Dec 17, 9:15pm -
  • National Space Council Users' Advisory Group Established
    Notice of establishment of the National Space Council Users' Advisory Group. "Purpose: The purpose of the UAG is purely advisory and shall be to ensure that the interests of industry, other nonFederal entities, and other persons involved in aeronauti…
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 17, 2:42pm -
  • Did NASA Deliver The ISS Transition Plan To Congress Required By Law? Update: No
    Keith's 11 Dec update: I did not hear back from NASA so I sent a second request. Stephanie Schierholz at NASA HQ PAO just sent this reply to my second request: "NASA is keeping Congress apprised as to the...
    - 2 days ago 11 Dec 17, 9:09pm -
  • Today's Space Policy Directive 1 Thing
    Remarks By President Trump and Vice President Pence at Space Policy Directive 1 Signing Ceremony "The directive I'm signing today will refocus America's space program on human exploration and discovery. It marks an important step in returning America…
    - 2 days ago 11 Dec 17, 8:36pm -
  • White House Space Policy Announcement
    Keith's note: Today's White House event will likely be carried live on NASA TV and will be online here as well White House Statement on Space Policy Directive 1 (SPD-1) "The President, today, will sign Spac…
    - 2 days ago 11 Dec 17, 6:41pm -
  • Confirming The Next NASA Administrator
    Keith's note: This White House event could serve to put some wind into Rep. Bridenstine's sails as he awaits a vote to confirm him as NASA administrator. If the White House is going to continue to throw its strong...
    - 3 days ago 11 Dec 17, 1:51am -
  • AI is Now Helping Kepler Find Planets
    Media Telecon Dec. 14th to Announce Latest Kepler Discovery "NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EST (18:00 UTC) Thursday, Dec. 14, to announce the latest discovery made by its planet-hunting Kepler space telescope. The discovery was made…
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 7:23pm -
  • The Deep Space Gateway Does Everything For Everyone
    As you listen to Bowersox, Gerst & #NASA talk about Deep Space Gateway it starts to sound like one of those expensive Swiss Army Knives that no one ever uses - but it can do lots of things that...
    - 5 days ago 8 Dec 17, 3:28pm -
  • Boeing Guy Claims He'll Beat SpaceX Guy To Mars
    Do it— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 7, 2017...
    - 6 days ago 8 Dec 17, 1:52am -
  • NASA Advisory Council Meeting
    NASA Advisory Council Meeting (Dial-in, WebEx info, agenda) DATES: Thursday, December 7, 2017, 1:00-5:00 p.m.; and Friday, December 8, 2017, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, Local Time....
    - 6 days ago 7 Dec 17, 5:10pm -
  • People Really Like Working For NASA - Even More Than Last Year
    NASA's employee satisfaction continues to soar, report finds, CNN "If you're looking to enjoy working for the federal government, apply to NASA -- its employees are the happiest of any large government agency, according to a report released Wednesday…
    - 6 days ago 7 Dec 17, 3:17pm -
  • Still Waiting For Bridenstine
    An II Dec vote on nomination of @RepJBridenstine as @NASA administrator is now unlikely but other Senate business (CR etc) may delay start of Christmas recess. @VP wants this vote to happen sooner rather than later, so who knows.—...
    - 6 days ago 7 Dec 17, 3:45am -
  • This Is How NASA Covers Up SLS Software Safety Issues (Update)
    Keith's 6 December update: Sources report that the two individuals who spoke with a potential employer of Ben Samouha were NASA employees George Mitchell and Andy Gamble. They were reportedly bragging about how they had done this until they...
    - 7 days ago 6 Dec 17, 8:35pm -
  • Hearing on NASA Space Telescopes
    NASA: Preliminary Observations on the Management of Space Telescopes, Cristina Chaplain GAO "GAO's ongoing work indicates that these projects are each making progress in line with their phase of the acquisition cycle but also face some challenges. Fo…
    - 7 days ago 6 Dec 17, 7:58pm -

Commercial Space Watch


  • newAnother Successful Blue Origin Flight
    New Shepard flew again for the seventh time on Dec. 12, 2017, from Blue Origin's West Texas Launch Site....
    - 10 hours ago 13 Dec 17, 4:39am -
  • newDoes New Horizons' Next Target MU69 Have a Moon?
    Scientists were already excited to learn this summer that New Horizons' next flyby target - a Kuiper Belt object a billion miles past Pluto - might be either peanut-shaped or even two objects orbiting one another....
    - 12 hours ago 13 Dec 17, 3:12am -
  • newBright Areas on Ceres Suggest Geologic Activity
    If you could fly aboard NASA's Dawn spacecraft, the surface of dwarf planet Ceres would generally look quite dark, but with notable exceptions....
    - 16 hours ago 12 Dec 17, 10:24pm -
  • Telescopes Team Up to Study Galaxy Centaurus A
    Astronomers have used two Australian radio telescopes and several optical telescopes to study complex mechanisms that are fuelling jets of material blasting away from a black hole 55 million times more massive than the Sun....
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 17, 4:52am -
  • The Progress 68 Cargo Droid
    The Progress 68 (68P) cargo craft is pictured docked to the Pirs docking compartment....
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 17, 3:00am -
  • Barnstorming Jupiter's Great Red Spot
    Data collected by NASA's Juno spacecraft during its first pass over Jupiter's Great Red Spot in July 2017 indicate that this iconic feature penetrates well below the clouds...
    - 1 day ago 12 Dec 17, 2:57am -
  • The Chemical Composition of Mercury
    The chemical composition of a planetary body reflects its starting conditions modified by numerous processes during its formation and geological evolution....
    - 2 days ago 11 Dec 17, 5:12pm -
  • Detailed Profile of Our Solar System's Interstellar Intruder 'Oumuamua
    Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) joined in the recent international effort to observe -- and create a detailed profile of -- the first known large object from interstellar space to pass through our solar s…
    - 3 days ago 11 Dec 17, 2:16am -
  • Orbital View of Southern California Wildfires From the Space Station
    The southern California wildfires could be seen by the International Space Station crew....
    - 3 days ago 10 Dec 17, 9:41pm -
  • The Himalayas Viewed From Orbit
    A portion of the Himalayan mountain range was pictured from the International Space Station as it orbited about 250 miles above the Earth....
    - 3 days ago 10 Dec 17, 9:39pm -
  • The Soyuz MS-05 Crew Spacecraft
    The Soyuz MS-05 spacecraft, which launched three Expedition 53 crew members to the International Space Station in July 28, 2017, is pictured docked to the Rassvet module....
    - 3 days ago 10 Dec 17, 9:31pm -
  • Growing Red Lettuce In Space
    Red lettuce is pictured being cultivated inside the Veggie facility for the Veg-03 botany experiment....
    - 4 days ago 9 Dec 17, 9:35pm -
  • Tropical Cyclones Dahlia and Three
    Composite image of tropical cyclones Dahlia (NE of Australia) and Three (tip of India) from 06:00 UTC on Thursday, 30 November 2017....
    - 4 days ago 9 Dec 17, 9:17pm -
  • Southern California Wildfires Viewed From Orbit
    Expedition 53 Commander Randy Bresnik aboard the International Space Station took this photo of the California wildfires in the Los Angeles area on Dec. 6, 2017....
    - 4 days ago 9 Dec 17, 9:12pm -
  • This Year at NASA
    2017: A year of groundbreaking discoveries and record-setting exploration at NASA....
    - 4 days ago 9 Dec 17, 5:08pm -

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Meteors over Inner Mongolia
Meteors over Inner Mongolia
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Highlights of the Winter Sky
Highlights of the Winter Sky
- -
Mercury Visualized from MESSENGER
Mercury Visualized from MESSENGER
- -
In Green Company: Aurora over Norway
In Green Company: Aurora over Norway
- -
Stardust in Aries
Stardust in Aries
- -
Alpine Superga Moonset
Alpine Superga Moonset
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