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  • The National Space Council Meeting That No One Is Talking About
    Keith's note: On 5 November 2021 Vice President Harris visited NASA GSFC. During that event it was announced that the first meeting of the National Space Council under the Biden-Harris Administration would be on 1 December 2021. No location...
    - 1 day ago 27 Nov 21, 5:39pm -
  • Webb Launch Delayed Due To Ground Processing Issues (Update)
    Testing Confirms Webb Telescope on Track for Targeted Dec. 22 Launch, Arianespace "Engineering teams have completed additional testing confirming NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is ready for flight, and launch preparations are resuming toward Webb'…
    - 3 days ago 26 Nov 21, 3:48am -
  • SpaceRef on NASA's DART Mission
    Keith Cowing · SpaceRef on Deutsche Welle: Launch of the NASA DART Mission Keith Cowing · SpaceRef on Alhurra: NASA's DART Mission Keith Cowing · SpaceRef on Deutsche Welle: NASA's DART Mission...
    - 4 days ago 24 Nov 21, 8:15pm -
  • Blue Origin Announces A 6 Person Crew For NS-19
    Alan Shepard's daughter Laura Shepard Churchley and GMA co-anchor Michael Strahan to fly on NS-19 alongside four customers, Blue Origin "Blue Origin today announced the crew of its upcoming NS-19 flight on December 9 will include two honorary guests…
    - 6 days ago 23 Nov 21, 12:56pm -
  • "The Hunt For Planet B": A Wonderful Documentary That NASA Simply Ignores
    Keith's note: I just watched "The Hunt For Planet B", a documentary on the James Webb Space Telescope which aired on CNN. I must say that this is a splendid film. It managed to capture the scope and breadth...
    - 8 days ago 21 Nov 21, 4:49am -
  • Bill Nelson's Infrastructure Windfall Is Much Smaller Than Promised
    House passes infrastructure bill with $1,115 Billion For NASA, Space Policy Online "The House finally passed the second bill to address President Biden's infrastructure agenda. This "human infrastructure" bill has $1.115 billion for NASA, far less th…
    - 9 days ago 19 Nov 21, 7:23pm -
  • Blue Origin's HLS Proposal Had A Lot Of Problems
    Newly Released Court Documents Obliterate Blue Origin's Lawsuit Against NASA, Futurism The US Court of Federal Claims has released a 47 page document detailing its decision to drop Blue Origin's legal challenge against NASA -- and it's a scathing reb…
    - 9 days ago 19 Nov 21, 3:04pm -
  • Meet The Rocket That Will Power The Future (Hint: Its Not SLS)
    12 million pounds of thrust at liftoff— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 17, 2021...
    - 12 days ago 17 Nov 21, 3:42am -
  • NASA Ignores Free Global PR For Webb Space Telescope
    On Saturday @CNN will air "The Hunt For Planet B" about #NASA Webb Space Telescope. CNN promos mention topics like #exoplanet #astrobiology #astronomy - yet there is no mention of this free global PR for #JWST by @NASA @NASAWebb @NASAAstrob…
    - 12 days ago 16 Nov 21, 6:05pm -
  • NASAWatch On BBC World News TV - Russian ASAT Test
    Keith Cowing · NASAWatch on BBC World News: Russian Anti-satellite test...
    - 13 days ago 16 Nov 21, 3:37am -
  • NASA PAO Silent As ISS Flies Through Russian ASAT Test Debris (Update)
    Keith's note: Finally, after a day of not answering media requests, kicking the can down the road, and playing favorites via phone chats with certain friendly news media before saying anything to everyone else, NASA PAO finally released a...
    - 13 days ago 16 Nov 21, 12:25am -
  • NASA OIG Artemis Review: Delays And Cost Overruns Are A Feature - Not A Bug
    NASA OIG: NASA's Management Of The Artemis Program "With Artemis I mission elements now being integrated and tested at Kennedy Space Center, we estimate NASA will be ready to launch by summer 2022 rather than November 2021 as planned. Although...
    - 13 days ago 15 Nov 21, 4:36pm -
  • Space Team Biden Needs To Get The Space Council Thing Right The Very First Time
    Keith's note: I have been watching some back and forth on Twitter where journalists are questioning the value of space and biased space people are responding with talking points. IMHO ... the National Space Council (NSpC) needs to make...
    - 14 days ago 14 Nov 21, 5:24pm -
  • Glen De Vries
    Glen De Vries, Who Flew To Space With William Shatner, Dies In Small Plane Crash In New Jersey #BlueOrigin— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) November 12, 2021...
    - 16 days ago 12 Nov 21, 9:36pm -
  • NASA CFO Commentary On FY 2022 Budget Negotiations
    NASA CFO statement on FY22 budget negotiations "Please see the attached fact sheet from OMB underscoring the importance of Congress reaching an agreement on FY 2022 appropriations, and avoiding the continuation of 2021 funding levels under a full-yea…
    - 16 days ago 12 Nov 21, 8:43pm -


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