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  • newSpaceX FRR And Friendly Ghosts From Apollo
    Keith's note: NASA has completed its Flight Readiness Review (FRR) for the SpaceX Demo-1 fight of its crewed Dragon. The flight is scheduled for 2 March and will use a vehicle identical to the one which will eventually fly...
    - 13 hours ago 23 Feb 19, 12:33am -
  • newThat Moment When You Become An Astronaut
    Pretty sure this will be my favorite picture from today's flight. Beth Moses, our Chief Astronaut Instructor, looking at Earth from space for the first time. I see joy, wonder and amazement. Can't wait to share this experience with our...
    - 15 hours ago 22 Feb 19, 10:29pm -
  • newEveryone Wants To Go Back To The Moon
    NASA Selects Experiments for Possible Lunar Flights in 2019 "NASA has selected 12 science and technology demonstration payloads to fly to the Moon as early as the end of this year, dependent upon the availability of commercial landers. These selectio…
    - 21 hours ago 22 Feb 19, 4:38pm -
  • Is NASA Going To Let SpaceX and Boeing Launch?
    SpaceX, Boeing design risks threaten new delays for U.S. space program, Reuters "Two people with direct knowledge of the program told Reuters that the space agency's concerns go beyond the four items listed, and include a risk ledger that as...
    - 1 day ago 22 Feb 19, 3:34am -
  • Old X-34's Are Rotting In Some Guy's Back Yard
    The Tragic Tale Of How NASA's X-34 Space Planes Ended Up Rotting In Someone's Backyard, TheWarZone "The X-34 story took a very bizarre turn in the last couple of years when the Air Force apparently donated the craft to a...
    - 1 day ago 22 Feb 19, 3:32am -
  • More CASIS Chaos: Staff Departures And Arrivals
    When @ISS_CASIS does not like the news coverage that they are getting their response is to stop sending news releases to the news organization whose coverage they do not like thus decreasing the good news that would otherwise be reported....
    - 2 days ago 21 Feb 19, 9:50pm -
  • National Academy Staff Warns SpaceX About Bird Poop
    Bird poop and dust could seriously complicate Elon Musk and SpaceX's latest plan to reach Mars, Business Insider "Dwayne Day*, who helped investigate the loss of NASA's Columbia space shuttle and its crew, said such clogs could come from any...
    - 2 days ago 21 Feb 19, 5:38pm -
  • SPD-4 Signed Creating The United States Space Force
    Video of signing activities at the White House, CSPAN Text of Space Policy Directive-4: Establishment of the United States Space Force, White House "Section 1. Introduction. Space is integral to our way of life, our national security, and modern warf…
    - 4 days ago 19 Feb 19, 9:12pm -
  • Space States Fight For Space Force HQ
    Alabama Wants Y'all To Join Their Space Force, earlier post Rep. Mo Brooks pushes to put 'Space Force' command in Alabama, "Alabama's congressional representatives aren't wasting any time lobbying for the Pentagon to put President Trump's new…
    - 4 days ago 19 Feb 19, 8:19pm -
  • Space Force Formalized (update)
    Keith's note: There was a White House media telecon this morning dealing with the signing of SPD-4 to create Space Force this afternoon at 2:00 pm ET by the President. According to the senior Administration official who spoke SPD-4...
    - 4 days ago 19 Feb 19, 2:32pm -
  • Former NASA Press Secretary Heads to Trump Campaign
    Former @NASA Press Secretary Megan Powers has been appointed as Director of Administrative Operations for the Trump 2020 campaign.— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) February 19, 2019...
    - 4 days ago 19 Feb 19, 1:46pm -
  • OIG Is Looking Into NASA's ISS Crew Transport Plans
    OIG announces an audit that will examine NASA's plans for transporting astronauts to the International Space Station.— NASA OIG (@NASAOIG) February 14, 2019...
    - 7 days ago 16 Feb 19, 7:44pm -
  • "It is in our nature to explore"
    "It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all." -- Sir Ernest Shackleton born #OTD in 1874— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) February 15, 2019...
    - 8 days ago 15 Feb 19, 11:21pm -
  • Another Head In The Sand Moment For Commercial Space
    Keith's note: Earlier this week the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and the commercial space community held their annual Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington, DC. True to form they seemed to be uninterested in letting the rest o…
    - 8 days ago 15 Feb 19, 5:10am -
  • How Open Is NASA's Open Lunar Architecture?
    Keith's note: NASA held a media briefing session today at NASA HQ. The purpose of the briefing was to talk about the various lunar activities NASA is engaged in. Specifically there was discussion by NASA SMD AA Thomas Zurbuchen...
    - 9 days ago 14 Feb 19, 10:53pm -


  • newNew Horizons Returns Sharpest Views of Ultima Thule
    The mission team called it a "stretch goal" -- just before closest approach, precisely point the cameras on NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to snap the sharpest possible pics of the Kuiper Belt object nicknamed Ultima Thule, its New Year's flyby...
    - 12 hours ago 23 Feb 19, 1:26am -
  • Signs Of Ancient Flowing Water On Mars
    These images from ESA's Mars Express satellite show a branching, desiccated system of trenches and valleys, signs of ancient water flow that hint at a warmer, wetter past for the Red Planet....
    - 1 day ago 22 Feb 19, 3:55am -
  • Earth May Be 140 Years Away From Carbon Levels Not Seen In 56 million Years
    Total human carbon dioxide emissions could match those of Earth's last major greenhouse warming event in fewer than five generations, new research finds....
    - 1 day ago 22 Feb 19, 3:49am -
  • Earth's Atmosphere Stretches Out To The Moon - And Beyond
    The outermost part of our planet's atmosphere extends well beyond the lunar orbit - almost twice the distance to the Moon....
    - 1 day ago 22 Feb 19, 3:45am -
  • Ingredients For Water Could Be Made On The Moon's Surface Naturally
    When a stream of charged particles known as the solar wind careens onto the Moon's surface at 450 kilometers per second (or nearly 1 million miles per hour), they enrich the Moon's surface in ingredients that could make water, NASA...
    - 3 days ago 21 Feb 19, 1:05am -
  • The Origin Of Neptune's Smallest Moon Hippocamp
    Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, along with older data from the Voyager 2 probe, have revealed more about the origin of Neptune's smallest moon....
    - 3 days ago 21 Feb 19, 12:57am -
  • New NASA Book Shares Beauty of Earth from Space
    Swirling white clouds, deep blue oceans and multicolored landscapes bring to life the pages of NASA's new 168-page book "Earth," a collection of dramatic images captured by Earth-observing satellites....
    - 3 days ago 21 Feb 19, 12:53am -
  • In Colliding Galaxies, a Pipsqueak Shines Bright
    In the nearby Whirlpool galaxy and its companion galaxy, M51b, two supermassive black holes heat up and devour surrounding material....
    - 3 days ago 21 Feb 19, 12:50am -
  • Libya and the Sahara Viewed From Orbit
    The International Space Station's robotic arm, Canadarm2, seemingly reaches out to the North African nation of Libya and the Sahara 251 miles below....
    - 3 days ago 20 Feb 19, 2:49am -
  • President Signs Directive To Create The U.S. Space Force
    On Tuesday the President signed Space Policy Directive-4 (SPD-4) which creates the United States Space Force....
    - 3 days ago 20 Feb 19, 2:46am -
  • NASA Set to Demonstrate X-ray Communications in Space
    Currently, NASA relies on radio waves to send information between spacecraft and Earth....
    - 3 days ago 20 Feb 19, 2:32am -
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Previously Unknown Galaxies Mapped
    An international team of more than 200 astronomers from 18 countries has published the first phase of a major new radio sky survey at unprecedented sensitivity using the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope....
    - 3 days ago 20 Feb 19, 2:29am -
  • Citizen Scientist Finds Ancient White Dwarf Star Encircled by Puzzling Rings
    A volunteer working with the NASA-led Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project has found the oldest and coldest known white dwarf -- an Earth-sized remnant of a Sun-like star that has died -- ringed by dust and debris. Astronomers suspect this...
    - 3 days ago 20 Feb 19, 2:26am -
  • Rosetta's Comet Sculpted by Stress
    Feeling stressed? You're not alone. ESA's Rosetta mission has revealed that geological stress arising from the shape of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has been a key process in sculpting the comet's surface and interior following its formation....
    - 4 days ago 19 Feb 19, 3:42am -
  • Chang'e 4 Lander: A Closer Look
    Just after midnight (UTC) on February 1, 2019, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) passed nearly overhead the Chang'e 4 landing site....
    - 4 days ago 19 Feb 19, 3:39am -

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

The Stars of the Triangulum Galaxy
The Stars of the Triangulum Galaxy
- -
NGC 4565: Galaxy on Edge
NGC 4565: Galaxy on Edge
- -
Reflections on vdB 9
Reflections on vdB 9
- -
Doomed Star Eta Carinae
Doomed Star Eta Carinae
- -
Comet Iwamoto Before Spiral Galaxy NGC 2903
Comet Iwamoto Before Spiral Galaxy NGC 2903
- -
Dragon Aurora over Iceland
Dragon Aurora over Iceland
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